About Us

It is true that diamond is a girl best friend but how about make up? Make up is considered to be an essential thing that all girls need. Make up is more than just a friend to a girl. It gives confident and positive vibes to all girls just like BOYFRIEND.
You don't have to waste your time to look for a good BOYFRIEND anywhere because we bring you very supportive BOYFRIENDs that will help you shine like a diamond.

BOYFRIEND was created by two friends who have a strong passionate in all kind of make up (actually we are beauty junkies :P). The whole idea about BOYFRIEND began during our girly chitchat session. We would like to create something fun and enhance our inner girls' power! So here we are! 
We believe that make up and BOYFRIEND are simply just the same. Good BOYFRIEND makes you happy just like good cosmetics! So be ready and choose your new BOYFRIEND who will help you to express who you are and your personality better! 
Have fun with your new BOYFRIEND :)